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Bonsai in Boot contest August 2018

The following tree came first.


And here are other entries.


A big thanks to all who made a display, they were enjoyed by everyone.


Display Workshop July 2018

For this monthly BBS meeting society members brought along items to construct and discuss displays. Many fine trees, accent plantings, stands and other items were brought along by various people; so a big thanks to everyone who contributed.

Here are some pictures of the items and displays from the evening:-

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I found the evening an interesting and useful insight into to concepts of displaying as I am sure others did also. It was a great opportunity to talk about display quality and watch refinement of displays through group discussion and individuals insight.


Member’s Bonsai Show June 2018

The 2018 annual Bonsai Show went well with a great attendance and many lovely displays.

A big thanks to everyone who displayed, attended and presented trader stands.

Mark the society Chairman has kindly written the following show report:-

Bristol Bonsai Society Annual Show, 24th June 2018

Anticipation amongst members for a good show was high, with a forecast for the hottest weekend of the year so far and the promise of some high quality bonsai to display from members and guests alike. Traders started to arrive to set up from 6.30 a.m., some having travelled from Wales, the Midlands and further afield. By 7.30 setting up was in full swing with bonsai being carried or wheeled in, trade stands taking shape and the kitchen bustling with activity.

The quality of the trees displayed on the day, by both members and guests, was exceptional in my opinion. Looking back at my photos of the day, my personal favorite’s were: –

Acer buergeranium by Ritta Cooper

Juniperus chinensis by John Trott

Acer campestre by Peter Brown

Acer palmatum by Martin Shepherd

Olea europaea by Beryl Thorpe

Quercus robur by Dan Barton

Pinus mugo by Mo Fagan

Azalea sp. By George Bradley

Nothofagus sp. By Malcolm Darbon

There were also very fine examples of Ulmus, Taxus, and Crataegus species displayed alongside very beautiful and creative kusamono. A special word of thanks should go to all the guest exhibitors who travelled from far and wide to honor our show with beautiful bonsai from their private collections.

We were also fortunate to have a number of traders who set up their wares outside in the grounds of the venue. As it was such a glorious day, visitors were able to choose from a wide range of bonsai from starter material to high quality specimens, pots and sundry items, whilst soaking up the sun and taking a break from the exhibitors’ hall. Thanks to all the traders who came along, I think they bring a welcome extra element to the show and I know visitors appreciate the opportunity to browse and maybe add to their collections. Similarly, our members’ table, selling members’ trees, pots and bonsai related items, proved to be extremely popular and was almost sold out by lunchtime. Top quality British potters Dan Barton and Esoteric pots, Japanese pots and suiseki from David Sampson as well as Bonsai and related items from Mendip Bonsai were all trading within the hall.

Below are pictures of trees and displays from the event and preparation from the preceding society meeting.


Member’s Bonsai Show 2016

On the 21st August we held our annual Bonsai Show at Failand village hall, and as usual the previous evening was a hive of activity , getting tables, screens and everything ready for our opening the following day. Sunday arrived and the members and guests started to arrive at 8am to prepare their slot with trees. Again bodies moving trees to stands , accents in place, we were ready to let the public in at 10am.

The show was broken into two areas. The main hall being trees of distinction and on the stage were members trees who have joined the society in the last few years.
To add to the show, we had traders selling everything from pots to small starter trees , also everything you ever needed to look after your bonsai.

Ritta Cooper did her demo on accents in our of screen area and this went down extremely well. Everybody enjoyed this demo and came away with big smiles.

Anyway, for those who couldn’t make it, please enjoy our photographs of the show, by Martin Shepherd and make a date to come next year.

Note …since to show we have had 3 new members join.

Mac Sleet Chairman

Thanks to Martin Shepherd for the photos.

Member’s Bonsai Show 2015
After months of planning, preparing, advertising and inviting, the Bristol Bonsai Society’s 2015 exhibition is at an end. The team of volunteers set the stage Friday evening and Saturday morning ready for the members put on an excellent show. Dan Barton’s photographs clearly show the quality of the bonsai on display and reflect the hard work of the members putting the show together. As wellas setting up, members were there throughout the day helping with catering, parking and other essential duties. This ensured that the day went as smoothly as possible.As well as the members, we had the British Suiseki Club with their beautiful viewing stones and Terry Adams with Dave Martin as guests for the day, bringing some of their own specimen bonsai. The time and effort they put in was much appreciated.There was a members’ sales table and we were fortunate to have John Trott (Mendips Bonsai) along with Dan Barton with his wonderful pots as traders. We had around sixty visitors during the day and all the feedback was very positive. New members, as a result of the show, would be the icing on the cake (there was also plenty of cake for the visitors on the day).

Thanks to Dan Barton for the photos.

Member’s Bonsai Show 2014

Rather than writing about our show, you might feel that a chairman’s report would be a little bias towards his own Society.
I will quote from a visitor who attended. Amelia Williams from Swindon said of the show: “Bristol Bonsai Society members did not disappoint today and had a show stopper to boot with a stunning Taxodium distchum ( Swamp Cypress/ Bald Cypress )which won the public vote as well as a personal favourite of mine too.
It was a really friendly show , with a great atmosphere.”

As chairman , I cant add anything, except to say a big thank you to all who took part, showing there trees , helping
creating the setting, kitchen work or organising the car park duties. Thanks again.
See you all next year, and if you missed the show..sorry but come in 2015 and put it in your planner

AUGUST 17th 2015
Mac Chairman

Thanks to Dan Barton for the photos.

The Second International Magical Bonsai Accents Exhibition — Saturday 19 July 2014

The exhibition was staged in the Failand Village Hall and was attended by numerous people from all over the UK and as far away as Zambia.

There were so many exhibits it was hard to take them all in.  The innovation and variety of the exhibits was extensive and the level of skill in creating each one was ‘top drawer’.  The exhibition, which was intended to show off the range of different ‘accents’ that may accompany bonsai (when displayed in a formal manner), included accent plants (in all manner of presentation), scrolls, mini bronzes, jiita, stands etc.

The staging for the displays was set up the evening before the event and the MBA Team are indebted to the BBS for the loan of the screens and the amount of help given by its members.

Exhibitors started arriving on the Saturday morning at around 07.30 to set up their displays and there was a buzz of excitement and expectation as the exhibits emerged.  Everything went off very smoothly with no glitches and the evident joy on the faces of both exhibitors as well as visitors was wonderful to witness.

This year we included 12 trade stands offering for sale everything imaginable for bonsai ‘accents’.

The refreshments were improved-on this year and we offered a wider range of food to choose from, and of course, we mustn’t forget to thank all of the people who helped in the kitchen.

Our thanks too, to all of the Exhibitors, the Traders, the Helpers  and the many Visitors.  We hope you all enjoyed the Exhibition and were inspired by the massive range of ideas for creating all manner of accompanying ‘accents’ for bonsai.

Thanks to Dan Barton for the photos.

Member’s Bonsai Show 2013

Bristol Bonsai Society now has its activities on the Web, some say its about time.
So to start the ball rolling we are going back to our annual show , which was held back on the 18th August this year.

The event was opened by Alex Lovell from the BBC along with her husband Gavin.
The show was great success with displays by members of the society, including Dan Barton, Mark and Ritta Cooper,
Martin Shepherd, Mo Fagan, Malcolm Darbon , Simon Temblett and many more.

The awards went to Simon for the tree voted best liked by the public on the day and to Mac Sleet for the best display as well as the best accompanying accent.

Our next club show will be held on Sunday 24th August 2014, so don’t miss this one.

Also you should attend the 2nd International exhibition of MAGICAL BONSAI ACCENTS on 19th July 2014

Thanks go to Dan Barton and John Trott for the photos