Future BBS Events

Meetings at 19:30

MONDAY 19/11/2018
Demo with John Trott

MONDAY 17/12/2018
Christmas Bash!!! and Festive Bonsai Competition

MONDAY 21/01/2019
Annual General Meeting and critique

MONDAY 25/02/2019

MONDAY 25/03/2019
Themed workshop

MONDAY 29/04/2019
Corin Tomlinson

MONDAY 23/05/2019
Dan Butler

MONDAY 24/06/2019
BBQ and members trees

MONDAY 29/07/2019
Workshop and preparation for the show

Annual Show

MONDAY 19/08/2019

MONDAY 30/09/2019
Geoff Conibeare

MONDAY 28/10/2019
Impossible trees with Dan Barton

MONDAY 25/11/2019
Bonsai from the east with John Trott

MONDAY 16/12/2019
Christmas Party


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